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Osulei started this conversation
Hi I live in Idaho. I have multiple sclerosis and diabetes. My husband also has diabetes. He is currently in the hospital in Intensive Care and is very very ill. Part of the reason he got so I'll that now he is fighting for his life is because even with medicare prescription coverage we cannot afford all of his medicine. We both caught a nasty virus because we were both compromised. Every penny we receive goes to the bills and medicine. Humana expects us to pay so much on my husbands medicine that we barely can afford food. I have been going to a church here that runs a food pantry. That is the only way we have been eating. But most of the food we can get is not diabetic friendly. Mash potatoes and starches are so high in carbohydrates that we get sick if we eat our blood sugars go very high and we get I'll. Someimes we can get protein which we are supposed to be eating. My doctors had me have all my teeth pulled five months ago and I was lucky enough to get dentures but they are not intended to be used to eat and caused me so much pain. So I can only eat soft foods now most are very high in carbs so K cannot eat them. I have lost 73 lbs already not trying just unable to eat. And insurance has been refusing to cover Ensure liquid protein nutrition. I have been fighting for months and still they will not. I cannot afford to buy many so I just go without. My son found out That I have not been able to afford to eat for way too many months. At least I had some weight to lose or I most likely would either be in hospital or dead by now. I have told family but no one can help. Now I am so afraid that the love of my life is GI g to die because we c.annot afford his medicine. I have tried everything I know of.First I called my family. Was told I was fat and could go a long time without food. I called Blue Cross my insurance case worker and told them we were practically starving. Sent a person out five months ago who made all kinds of promises but no change. She came out again last month still no change. I have explained to Humana his medicare insurance that we could not afford his medicines as his copays were too high. They suggest we apply for extra help from Medicare so we did. They say he made too much even though we cannot even buy food. I design jewelry but I am too I am to sick to work farmers type market. I do have many pieces in a friends store but not many people are buying jewelry with how bad our economy is here in my part of Idaho. I have in home healthcare as after a bad fall I broke my back. I fell in the tub and have never been the same. I explain our whole situation to my doctors and have begged for liquid nutritional help/Ensure.First TLD U had not lost enough weight to warrent the help. Boy was I angry. But I swallowed my pride and went back in to see the doctor who commented like that. I got on their scale and said inst 73 ponds lost in four months from not being able to eat ENOUGH? then doc prescribed it but noted on scrips I was well nurished so Blue Cross said no. I went back again to this doctor and explained why they said no and if I could afford if I would not have been begging for it the last five months.Still no. I was too sick and weak to make my appt with my neurologist last week to ask him to help. Last month as my sweetheart also has lost weight I skipped a few bills to buy meds and ensure for him. As he was getting weak because he wasn't eating enough. We ran out of his Novalog pen insulin which he needs if sugurs get too high. Then we got the Noro virus. His sugars got out of control as neither one of us could keep even liquids down. Now he is in intensive care. Please could someone help us. I have to buy his Medicine before he comes home and I have no idea how. I am terrified.
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woman in a shoe
Hi all we can do on here is give u information where u mite get help. There is places that will help with medicine. What i want u to type u will find a lot of information there. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will see a list of places that can help if they got the funds. But for food u all really did that one. Sorry this is all the information i know to give u.
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